Invited Speakers


ANP - Advanced Nanophotonics Platform

Artur Davoyan, University of California, Los Angeles
Gennady Shvets, Cornell University
Harry Atwater, California Institute of Technology
Vinod Menon, City University of New York
Wenshan Cai, Georgia Institute of Technology
Yeshaiahu (Shaya) Fainman, University of California, San Diego
Rupert Oulton , Imperial College London

AOP - Applications of Photonics

Ellen Yi Chen Mazumdar, Georgia Institute of Technology
Todd Lowe, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Bill Copenhaver, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Jackie O’Connor, Pennsylvania State University
Campbell Carter, Air Force Research Laboratory
Timothy Ombrello, Air Force Research Laboratory
Stephen Hammack, Air Force Research Laboratory
Arkadiy Lyakh, University of Central Florida
Keith Rein, Spectral Energies
Jerry Meyer, Naval Research Laboratory
Hamzah Ahmed, University of Delaware and Chip Design Systems, LLC
Mikel Miller, Integrated Solutions for Systems, Inc.
Adam Schofield, Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC)

ETP - Enabling Technologies in Photonics

Daniel Pérez López, Universitat Poltècnica de València
Charles Middleton, Harris Corporation
Yang Liu, University of Sydney
Huikai Xie, University of Florida
Grant Lodden, Honeywell
Michael Vasilyev, University of Texas at Arlington
Mark Adams, Auburn University
Bharat Pant, Honeywell

HMB - Humanstate Measurement and Biosensing

Benjamin Miller, University of Rochester Medical Center
Danielle Schmitt, University of California, San Diego
Nathan Swami, University of Virginia
Bill McMillan, Profusa, Inc.
Elizabeth Dhummakupt, CCDC Chemical Biological Center
Jeffrey Phillips, The Institute for Human & Machine Cognition
Walid Soussou, Quantum Applied Science and Research, Inc.
Jennifer Martin, Air Force Research Laboratory
Ethan Blackford, Air Force Research Laboratory
Lindsey McIntire, Air Force Research Laboratory
Nate Bridges, Air Force Research Laboratory
Len Cech, Joyson Safety Systems

HPLSET - High Power Laser Science and Engineering Technology

Jonathan Wheeler, École Polytechnique
Sergey Mirov, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Angel Flores, Air Force Research Laboratory
Eric Welch, University of California, Los Angeles
Eric Rosenthal, Naval Research Laboratory
Nuno Lemos, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Cameron Geddes, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Rodrigo Lopez-Martens, Laboratoire d’Optique Appliquée, ENSTA ParisTech, Ecole Polytechnique, CNRS

MMAP - Materials and Manufacturing for Advanced Photonics

Sean McDaniel, Air Force Research Laboratory
Fisher Yu, University of Arkansas
Zetian Mi, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Fengnian Xia, Yale University
Kira Barton, University of Michigan
Nicholas Glavin, Air Force Research Laboratory
Alexander Khanikaev, City University of New York
Matthew Mills, Air Force Research Laboratory
Ilya Vitebskiy, Air Force Research Laboratory

NPNMAP - Novel Phenomena and New Materials for Advanced Photonics

Gururaj Naik, Rice University
Junjie Yang, University of Michigan
Marko Loncar, Harvard University
Nicholas Kotov, University of Michigan

OEDDIP - Optical Emitter/Detector Devices and Integrated Photonics

Todd Stievater, Naval Research Laboratory
Michael Fanto, Air Force Research Laboratory
Justin Bickford, Army Research Laboratory
John Bowers, University of California, Santa Barbara
Benjamin Williams, University of California, Los Angeles
Dan Feezell, The University of New Mexico
Barry Rand, Princeton University
Joanna Millunchick, University of Michigan
Michael Goldflam, Sandia National Laboratories
Gamini Ariyawansa, Air Force Research Laboratory

OIST - Optical Imaging and Sensing Technology

Scott Tyo, University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy (UNSW Canberra)
Vincent Farley, Telops
Michael Eismann, Air Force Research Laboratory
Pramod Reddy, North Carolina State University
Rafael Dalmau, HexaTech Technology
Mary Crawford, Sandia National Labs
Kevin Kelly, Rice University
Chee Wei Wong, University of California, Los Angeles

OMPEES - Optical Metamaterials, Plasmonics and Engineered Electromagnectic Structures

Naomi Halas, Rice University
Augustine Urbas, Air Force Research Laboratory
Ganesh Subramania, Sandia National Laboratories
Shogo Ura, Kyoto Institute of Technology

OPM - Organic Photonic Materials

Oana Jurchescu, Wake Forest University
John Anthony, University of Kentucky
Kirk Schanze, University of Texas at San Antonio
Theodore Goodson III, University of Michigan
Matthew Sfeir, City University of New York
Tina Ng, University of California, San Diego
Jinsong Huang, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
SungWoo Nam, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

PDS - Photonics for Defense Systems

Christopher Valenta, Georgia Tech Research Institute
Peter Kondratko, Ball Aerospace & Technologies
Brett Pokines, Air Force Research Laboratory
Daniel LeMaster, Air Force Research Laboratory
Martin Richardson, University of Central Florida
Todd Weiser, Air Force Research Laboratory
Paul Fleitz, Air Force Research Laboratory


Laura Barnes, Air Force Research Laboratory