Professional Development Tutorial “Lunch & Learn”

Friday 24 August 2018 | 12:30 – 1:30pm

Conference attendees and local IEEE members are welcome to participate in this Professional Development Tutorial “Lunch & Learn”. During this lunch, you will not only learn three critical levers for a fully optimized workday, attendees will get a chance to interact with peers and develop a structured framework on how to navigate in today’s distracted and over-connected world. Learn how to take back your day!

Sponsored by the IEEE Young Professionals program; information will be shared on the volunteer opportunities for those up to 15 years post their first degree as well as mentors shaping young professionals in the field. RSVP required.

Stanley Ikpe (NASA Langley Research Center) 

Linda Stacy, Author & Founder, LivingBluPrints

Talk Title:
O Captain! Wait – Who’s My Captain? How to navigate in today’s distracted, over-connected, constantly interrupted tech environments.

In organizations, people are the most expensive, and most valuable, resource. A common factor is that we don’t teach/learn H.O.W. to work optimally. We overlook aspects of dynamic work environments; how individuals and teams approach tasks, priorities, overwhelm, fatigue, distractions, emergencies … even internal energy reserves. We fail to teach fundamentals that drive motivation and personal empowerment – the same keys that drive excellence, career and organizational growth.